S3 Gateway

Use the embedded S3 Gateway to send or receive data through the S3 protocol using object storage tooling such as Minio, boto3, or AWS s3 CLI. Operations available are similar to those officially documented for S3.

S3 Gateway Syntax

The S3 gateway presents each branch from every Pachyderm repository as an S3 bucket. Buckets are represented via [<commit>.]<branch>.<repo>.<project>, with the commit being optional.

  • The master.foo.bar bucket corresponds to the master branch of the repo foo within the bar project.
  • The be97b64f110643389f171eb64697d4e1.master.foo.bar bucket corresponds to the commit be97b64f110643389f171eb64697d4e1 on the master branch of the foo repo within the bar project.

If auth is enabled, credentials must be passed with each S3 gateway endpoint as mentioned in S3 Client configuration.

Command Examples

The following command examples assume that you have upgraded to use the embedded proxy, which will become mandatory in future releases.

Put Data Into Pachyderm Repo

Retrieve Data From Pachyderm Repo

Port Forwarding

You can pachctl port-forward to access the s3 gateway through the localhost:30600 endpoint, however, the Kubernetes port forwarder incurs substantial overhead and does not recover well from broken connections.