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Datum Tries PPS

Define the number of job attempts to run on a datum when a failure occurs.

May 26, 2023

Spec #

"datum_tries": int,

Behavior #

The datum_tries attribute in a Pachyderm pipeline specifies the maximum number of times a datum can be retried if it fails to process. When a datum fails to process, either because of an error in the processing logic or because it exceeds the datum_timeout value, Pachyderm will automatically retry the datum, up to the number of times specified in datum_tries.

Each retry of a datum is treated as a new attempt, and the datum is added back to the job queue for processing. The retry process is transparent to the user and happens automatically within the Pachyderm system.

Other considerations:

When to Use #

You should consider setting a higher datum_tries count if your pipeline has a large number of datums that are prone to errors or timeouts, or if the datums you are working with have to be imported or fetched (via data ingress) from an external source.