Spout PPS

Ingest streaming data into Pachyderm using a spout pipeline.

March 24, 2023


For a single-page view of all PPS options, go to the PPS series page.

Spec #

"spout": {
\\ Optionally, you can combine a spout with a service:
"service": {
  "internal_port": int,
  "external_port": int

Attributes #

Attribute Description
service An optional field that is used to specify how to expose the spout as a Kubernetes service.
internal_port Used for the spout’s container.
external_port Used for the Kubernetes service that exposes the spout.

Behavior #

When to Use #

You should use the spout field in a Pachyderm Pipeline Spec when you want to read data from an external source that is not stored in a Pachyderm repository. This can be useful in situations where you need to read data from a service that is not integrated with Pachyderm, such as an external API or a message queue.

Example scenarios: