2.3.x Release

September 20, 2022

We are excited to announce the availability of Pachyderm version 2.3.

In this release, we have made it easier to deploy and configure Pachyderm, allowing enterprise and open-source users to get clusters running faster than before. We’re also excited to announce support for pipelines running on ARM64 instances, which can significantly reduce the cost of running Pachyderm workloads. Upgrading from any 2.x release to 2.3 should be seamless with no breaking changes.

Please see our changelog on GitHub for the detailed list of changes.

  • Streamlined network ingress: Pachyderm now includes a built-in proxy that routes all network traffic through a single port.

  • Configuration via environment variables: Pachyderm has moved to support all configuration options via environment variables. As part of this improvement, the

  • Configuration Pod has been eliminated, simplifying maintenance and upgrades.

  • Bundled logging with Loki: Pachyderm pipelines are much easier to debug if you’ve got a complete set of logs. Pachyderm is now bundled with Loki to simplify deployment and ensure logs are retained for debugging.

  • ARM64 support: Pachyderm now supports ARM64 architecture for pipelines, in addition to x86.


The built-in proxy for simplified network configuration is optional in 2.3, but will be mandatory in 2.4.

End of Life Notice for 1.13 and 2.0 #

Pachyderm will continue to support the current and last two minor releases. With the release of 2.3, we are ending support for versions 1.13 (which was previously extended) and 2.0. Pachyderm will not backport any fixes to releases before 2.1.

Additionally, Pachyderm will remove and archive End of Life images from Docker Hub.

  • Before archiving, a final notice will be sent to all technical contacts of enterprise accounts.

  • Pachyderm Customer Engineering is available to assist with any issues encountered while upgrading to a supported version.

Do not hesitate to contact Pachyderm Support for any assistance or questions regarding the 2.3 release or End of Life Announcement.