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pachctl auth activate

Learn about the pachctl_auth_activate command

pachctl auth activate #

Activate Pachyderm’s auth system

Synopsis #

Activate Pachyderm’s auth system, and restrict access to existing data to the root user

pachctl auth activate [flags]

Options #

      --client-id string        The client ID for this pachd (default "pachd")
      --enterprise              Activate auth on the active enterprise context
  -h, --help                    help for activate
      --issuer string           The issuer for the OIDC service (default "http://pachd:1658/")
      --only-activate           Activate auth without configuring the OIDC service
      --redirect string         The redirect URL for the OIDC service (default "http://localhost:30657/authorization-code/callback")
      --scopes strings          Comma-separated list of scopes to request (default [email,profile,groups,openid])
      --supply-root-token       Prompt the user to input a root token on stdin, rather than generating a random one.
      --trusted-peers strings   Comma-separated list of OIDC client IDs to trust

Options inherited from parent commands #

      --no-color   Turn off colors.
  -v, --verbose    Output verbose logs


  • pachctl auth - Auth commands manage access to data in a Pachyderm cluster