Features Overview

Learn about the main features unique to Pachyderm's Enterprise edition.

March 24, 2023


To get more information about Pachyderm Enterprise Edition, to ask questions, or to get access for evaluation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or on our Slack.

Enterprise Features List #

Pachyderm Enterprise Edition helps you scale and manage Pachyderm data pipelines in an enterprise setting.

It delivers the most recent version of the Community Edition of Pachyderm along with additional features(#additioanl-features).



Note that the activation of the Enterprise Edition lifts all scaling limits of the Community Edition. You can run as many pipelines as you need and parallelize your jobs without constraints.

Additional Features #

Pachyderm Enterprise unlocks a series of additional administrative and security features needed for enterprise-scale deployments of Pachyderm, namely:

Tooling #

Pachyderm CE comes with an indispensable complementary tool when designing and debugging pipelines: Pachyderm Console; a full Web UI for visualizing pipelines and exploring data.

While Console is now part of Pachyderm Community Edition, enabling Enterprise allows you to benefit from the full Authentication and Role-Based Access Control capabilities by restricting the access to specific resources to authorized users only. Unauthorized users will not be able to visualize the content of given clusters, repos, and pipelines.