Upgrade Pachyderm

Learn how to upgrade Pachyderm's pachctl and pachd.

March 22, 2023

Upgrading to a minor release (e.g., 2.3.5 > 2.3.6) is simple and requires little downtime. As a good practice, we recommend that you check the release notes before an upgrade to get an understanding of the changes introduced between your current version and your target.


Do not use these steps to upgrade between major versions as it might result in data corruption.

Complete the following steps to upgrade Pachyderm from one minor release to another.

1. Backup Your Cluster #

As a general good practice, start with the backup of your cluster as described in the Backup and Restore section of this documentation.

2. Update Your Helm Values #

This phase depends on whether you need to modify your existing configuration (for example, enter an enterprise key, plug an identity provider, reference an enterprise server, etc…).

In the case of a simple upgrade of version on a cluster, and provided that you do not need to change any additional configuration, no change in the values.yaml should be required. The new version of Pachyderm will be directly set in the helm upgrade command.

3. Upgrade pachctl Version #


Upgrading from a pachd version older than 2.3.0? Do not skip this step.


For a specific target release, specify the targeted major/minor version of pachctl for brew and major/minor/patch release for curl in the commands above.

4. Helm Upgrade #


Each chart version is associated with a given version of Pachyderm. You will find the list of all available chart versions and their associated version of Pachyderm on Artifacthub.