Deploying Enterprise Edition

To deploy and use Pachyderm’s Enterprise Edition, you simply need to follow one of our guides to deploy Pachyderm and then activate the Enterprise Edition.

Note - Pachyderm’s Enterprise dashboard is now deployed by default with Pachyderm. If you wish to deploy without the dashboard please use pachctl deploy [command] --no-dashboard

Note - You can get a FREE evaluation token for the enterprise edition on the landing page of the Enterprise dashboard.

Activating Pachyderm Enterprise Edition

There are two ways to activate Pachyderm’s enterprise features::

For either method, you will need to have your Pachyderm Enterprise activation code available. You should have received this from Pachyderm sales/support when registering for the Enterprise Edition. If you are a new user evaluating Pachyderm, you can receive a FREE evaluation code on the landing page of the dashboard. Please contact if you are having trouble locating your activation code.

Activate via the pachctl CLI

Assuming you followed one of our deploy guides and you have a Pachyderm cluster running, you should see that the state of your Pachyderm cluster is similar to the following:

$ kubectl get pods
NAME                     READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
dash-6c9dc97d9c-vb972    2/2       Running   0          6m
etcd-7dbb489f44-9v5jj    1/1       Running   0          6m
pachd-6c878bbc4c-f2h2c   1/1       Running   0          6m

You should also be able to connect to the Pachyderm cluster via the pachctl CLI:

$ pachctl version
COMPONENT           VERSION             
pachctl             1.6.8           
pachd               1.6.8

Activating the Enterprise features of Pachyderm is then as easy as:

$ pachctl enterprise activate <activation-code>

If this command returns no error, then the activation was successful. The state of the Enterprise activation can also be retrieved at any time via:

$ pachctl enterprise get-state   

Activate via the dashboard

Assuming that you have a running Pachyderm cluster and you have deployed the Pachyderm Enterprise dashboard using this guide, you should be able to visit <pachyderm host IP>:30080 (e.g., localhost:30080 when you are using pachctl port-forward) to see the dashboard. When you first visit the dashboard, it will prompt you for your activation code:

alt tag

Once you enter your activation code, you should have full access to the Enterprise dashboard and your cluster will be an active Enterprise Edition cluster. This could be confirmed with:

$ pachctl enterprise get-state