./pachctl list-file

Return the files in a directory.


Return the files in a directory.

./pachctl list-file repo-name commit-id path/to/dir


  -n, --block-modulus int   modulus of block shard (default 1)
  -b, --block-shard int     block shard to read
      --fast                if fast is true, don't compute the sizes of files; this makes list-file faster
  -m, --file-modulus int    modulus of file shard (default 1)
  -s, --file-shard int      file shard to read
  -f, --from string         only consider data written since this commit
      --full-file           if there has been data since the from commit return the full file
      --recurse             if recurse is true, compute and display the sizes of directories

Options inherited from parent commands

      --no-metrics   Don't report user metrics for this command
  -v, --verbose      Output verbose logs


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