./pachctl list-commit

Return all commits on a set of repos.


Return all commits on a set of repos.


# return commits in repo "foo" and repo "bar"
$ pachctl list-commit foo bar

# return commits in repo "foo" on branch "master"
$ pachctl list-commit foo/master

# return commits in repo "foo" since commit master/2
$ pachctl list-commit foo/master -e foo/master/2

# return commits in repo "foo" that have commits
# "bar/master/3" and "baz/master/5" as provenance
$ pachctl list-commit foo -p bar/master/3 -p baz/master/5
./pachctl list-commit repo-name


  -a, --all                 list all commits including cancelled and archived ones
  -b, --block               block until there are new commits since the from commits
  -x, --exclude value       exclude the ancestors of this commit, or exclude the commits on this branch (default [])
  -p, --provenance commit   list only commits with the specified commits provenance, commits are specified as RepoName/CommitID (default [])

Options inherited from parent commands

      --no-metrics   Don't report user metrics for this command
  -v, --verbose      Output verbose logs


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