./pachctl deploy

Deploy a Pachyderm cluster.


Deploy a Pachyderm cluster.


      --deploy-rethink-as-rc             Defunct flag (does nothing). The default behavior since Pachyderm 1.3.2 is to manage RethinkDB with a Kubernetes Replication Controller.
      --deploy-rethink-as-stateful-set   Deploy RethinkDB as a multi-node cluster controlled by kubernetes StatefulSet, instead of a single-node instance controlled by a Kubernetes Replication Controller. Note that both your local kubectl binary and the kubernetes server must be at least version 1.5.
      --dry-run                          Don't actually deploy pachyderm to Kubernetes, instead just print the manifest.
      --log-level string                 The level of log messages to print options are, from least to most verbose: "error", "info", "debug". (default "info")
      --rethink-shards int               Number of RethinkDB shards (for pfs metadata storage) if --deploy-rethink-as-stateful-set is used. (default 1)
      --rethinkdb-cache-size string      Size of in-memory cache to use for Pachyderm's RethinkDB instance, e.g. "2G". Size is specified in bytes, with allowed SI suffixes (M, K, G, Mi, Ki, Gi, etc). (default "768M")
      --shards int                       Number of Pachd nodes (stateless Pachyderm API servers). (default 1)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --no-metrics   Don't report user metrics for this command
  -v, --verbose      Output verbose logs


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