Occationally, Pachyderm introduces changes that are backward-incompatible: repos/commits/files created on an old version of Pachyderm may be unusable on a new version of Pachyderm. When that happens, we try our best to write a migration script that “upgrades” your data so it’s usable by the new version of Pachyderm.

To upgrade from version X to version Y, look under the directory named migration/X-Y. For instance, to upgrade from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3, look under migration/1.2.2-1.2.3.


It’s paramount that you backup your data before running a migration script. While we’ve tested the scripts extensively, it’s still possible that they contain bugs, or that you accidentally use them in a wrong way.

In general, there are two data storage systems that you might consider backing up: the metadata storage and the data storage. Not all migration scripts touch both systems, so you might only need to back up one of them. Look at the README for a particular migration script for details.

Backup the metadata storage system

Assuming you’ve deployed Pachyderm on a public cloud, your metadata is probably stored on a persistent volume. See the “Deploying on the Cloud” guide for details.

Here are official guides on backing up persistent volumes for each cloud provider:

Backup the data storage system

We don’t currently have migration scripts that touch the data storage system.