pachctl diff file

Return a diff of two file trees.


Return a diff of two file trees.

pachctl diff file <new-repo>@<new-branch-or-commit>:<new-path> [<old-repo>@<old-branch-or-commit>:<old-path>]



# Return the diff of the file "path" of the repo "foo" between the head of the
# "master" branch and its parent.
$ pachctl diff file [email protected]:path

# Return the diff between the master branches of repos foo and bar at paths
# path1 and path2, respectively.
$ pachctl diff file [email protected]:path1 [email protected]:path2

### Options
  --full-timestamps   Return absolute timestamps (as opposed to the default, relative timestamps).

-s, –shallow Specifies whether or not to diff subdirectories

### Options inherited from parent commands

-v, –verbose Output verbose logs