pachctl is the command line interface for Pachyderm. To install pachctl, follow the Getting Started instructions.


Access the Pachyderm API.

Environment variables:

PACHD_ADDRESS=<host>:<port>, the pachd server to connect to (e.g.
PACH_CONFIG=<path>, the path where pachctl will attempt to load your pach config.
   JAEGER_ENDPOINT=<host>:<port>, the Jaeger server to connect to, if PACH_TRACE is set
   PACH_TRACE={true,false}, If true, and JAEGER_ENDPOINT is set, attach a
     Jaeger trace to any outgoing RPCs


      --no-metrics           Don't report user metrics for this command
      --no-port-forwarding   Disable implicit port forwarding
  -v, --verbose              Output verbose logs